4 Best Practices For Your Web Push Notification Message

Man smiling and using mobile device

You have your users subscribed to your push notification service. Now how do you provide them value without becoming annoying and pushing them to unsubscribe?

Here are a few tips to maximize the click-through rate on your push notifications:

  1. Keep the word count low - the lower the word count, the higher the click-through rate. Bear in mind that some browsers / mobile devices will only show a few words. Keep it short and sweet. When you edit a Push Notification on Go Push, we give you some sample messages to see how the message will appear on different devices.
  2. Keep the frequency of messages low. Typically keep your messages to 1 per week. Any more than this and you risk the user unsubscribing. Once that happens, it will likely be difficult to get them back again.
  3. Have a valid intent for the message. Is there a particular promotion or event that you wish to alert the user to?
  4. Use "call to action" language, for example: "Sign up for free", "Join free for a month", "Give [your company] a try now", "Claim your free trial", "Take me there", "Show me the details", "Tell me more", "View prices", "View products", "Make a reservation", "Click to book now".

Published: March 11, 2022