Use Push Notifications To Reach Customers During COVID

Woman in shop during Covid

It can be difficult to keep customers informed about your services and COVID-protocols as regulations adapt and comfort level for patrons change. Many businesses have had to offer reduced hours as staff levels and customer demand fluctuate.

What is a great way to inform your customers of these changes while also keeping them engaged? How about Push Notifications? It's a great marketing tool which you can add to your arsenal right away. You add a little bit of code to your website, customers click a button to sign-up (no personal information required), and you can keep them abreast of your businesses hours, promotions, COVID-related requirements, etc.

Unlike email, push notifications are delivered directly to a user's mobile device or desktop computer and are not subject to spam filtering. If you are follow a few best practices, you can keep customers engaged and thinking about your business.

Published: March 11, 2022