What is a Push Notification?

Smiling man receives a push notification on his mobile device

It is a clickable message that pops-up on a mobile device or slides into view on a user’s desktop.

In these times of GDPR and users demanding greater privacy, push notifications are a great alternative to traditional email marketing – requiring users to opt-in and not requiring any personal information. Push notifications appear immediately and may be displayed on the lock screen on a mobile device, or when a user is browsing the web on their desktop browser.

Click-through-rate is higher than email marketing campaigns and the fact that users opt-in means they are more open to receive information from you. Unlike with email, there is no spam filtering for push notifications – if a user is subscribed, they will receive your communications.

Push notifications can drive engagement to your website and can provide various avenues of information to users:

·        Real-time updates, e.g. traffic or weather news.

·        Drive users to your site to promote sales / special offers.

·        Reminders.

·        Sports updates.

·        Up-to-date business information, e.g. COVID protocols, flight scheduling changes, etc.

·        Convert users who might otherwise be lost.

·        Showcase new content.

Here's an example of a push notification on an Android device:

Example of a push notification on Android device

Here's an example of a push notification on a desktop browser:

Example of a push notification on desktop browser

Published: March 10, 2022